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An uncontrollable, obsessive craving among men for sex. Satyriasis derives its name from the satyr—the riotous and lascivious half man, half goat creature of Greek mythology. This mythical creature, with the torso, head, and arms of a man, and the loins and lower body of a goat, loved to drink wine, carouse, play the reed pipe, and, most importantly, chase nymphs. The human victim may seek sex with women, other men, children, or animals. Satyriasis is the male counterpart to nymphomania.

This pathological behavior appears to be rooted in anxieties about the sufferer’s masculinity or sexual adequacy. In some cases a man’s promiscuity with women may be a defense against homosexual thoughts or fears of homosexuality. This sexual behavior is believed to be aimed at continual reduction of anxiety and reinforcement of the person’s self-esteem.

Fortunately, cases of true satyriasis are rare. They have been treated successfully with intense psychotherapy.

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